New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory (Print ISSN 2277-3967) (Online ISSN 2347-2073)

Volume IV Issue IV Oct. 2015




1. An Account of Rise and Fall of Tranformational Generative Grammar TGG: A Descriptive Study

Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Alduais 1

2. The Reading of Notes from Underground: An Enigma unto Enlightenment

Dr Pramod Kumar 37

3. Language, Style and Technique in Kiran Desai's "Inheritance of Loss"

Nongmaithem Suraj Kumar 50

4. Nirad C Chaudhuri – A Hindu To The Core

C.Yoganjaneyulu 57

5. Thematic Concerns In The Plays of Asif Currimbhoy

Smt.S.Swarnalatha 63

6. Marginalized Voices to the Mainstream: A Study of Selected Dalit poems

Dr.Ganga S.Y. 69

7. Social Disintegration and Moral Reformation in Cry, the Beloved Country

Naadiya Yaqoob Mir 81

8. From a Cacophony of Existence to the Rhythm of Riotousness: Reading Sterne's Tristram Shandy as a Pattern of Patternlessness

Abhilash Dey 86

9. Sociophobia and Transgressive Sexuality in Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden

Rasool Rahimi 95

10. Habba Khatoon: The Unparalleled Queen of Lyricism

Furrukh Faizan Mir 103

11. The Imperative of Insanity: An Introspective Study of Shakespeare's Critique of Madness in King Lear

Mrinal Sarkar 113

12. Amitav Ghosh's The Circle of Reason: a Fiction on Scientific Reason

Dr Sudarsan Sahoo 120

13. Transcendentalism in R.K. Narayan's 'The Mahabharata'

Dr. Alpana P Patidar124

14. Winston's Diary: Quest For Truth Of Past And Hope For Future In The Novel 1984 By George Orwell

Dr. Urja Mankad 133

15. Collective in Isolation: Technology, Space and Pysche in J.G. BAllard's High Rise

Yi-Wen Wang 144

16. Re-mapping the Sense of Place with Jungle for Identity: A Reading of Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines and Shakespeare's As You Like It  

Dr. Santanu Basak 153

17. Amitav Ghosh's Glass Palace: Contemporary Relevance of Buddhist Ideals

Namrata Rathore Mahanta 159

18. Peripheral Invisibility to Central Vision: Maya Angelou's Life Writings

Dr.A.I.Sakunthala 166

19. The Serpent and The Rope and The Cat and Shakespeare: The Journey from Sadhak to Bhakta

Dr. Darshita Dave 172

20. Attitude towards English

Mr. C. V. Viswanatha Rao

Dr. M. Revathi 180

21. The Impact of Cultural Identity and Attitudes Towards Foreign Language Learning on Pronunciation Learning of Iranian EFL Students

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Amirian

Masoomeh Bazrafshan 185

22. J.K Rowling's Hero Harry Potter as a Hero Archetype

Dr. Vasanthakumar. B 199

23. The Fictional Art of Kiran Desai: An Evaluation

Dr. Bolla Mallikharjuna Rao 206


Poetry Section

Poems by Gouri Manoj Sattigeri 214